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An inclusive affordable alternative to viewing and sharing point clouds. Get your point clouds on the web and to your clients with ease.

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How It Works

Point Cloud online viewer let's you do more for less. Welcome to the most user friendly point cloud web based dashboard for publishing managing and sharing your point cloud data online.


Drag Drop Done!

No really, that's all! You drag and drop your raw data onto the dashboard and your point clouds are automatically published! No need for servers or command line! Watch a live progress status, or go have a beer, our servers do all the work.

Hosted In Canada!


Gamified 3D Viewer

Explore your point clouds in 3D with the built in viewer. We gamified the controls to work seamlessly on mobile and created a user friendly fly through capture tool. Need analytics? No problem, get areas, measure volumes, create transects and much more with the desktop version.

Simple Analytics Included


Wow clients with a click

Share specific point clouds through the included Word-X link sharing system. Share a single point cloud with a specific user, make it expire, set a password, or share to an existing project. You have full control over who sees what.

Powered by Word-X!


Track The Details

Simple to the point management tools allow you to create new users and projects. For individual point clouds keep track of the important details with a simple metadata editor.

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